About Us


The Willpower Institute is a non-profit organization that was founded by Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo, an eminent Master Teacher of meditation from Thailand. The Master Teacher felt compelled to spread meditation to the rest of the world after personally experiencing the extraordinary peace and happiness that arises from this practice. Luangphor's goal for humanity is to reduce conflict at all levels and attain world peace.

Meditation increases mind power. With increased mind power, people can control their emotions, reduce conflict, develop compassion, and increase harmony in relationships.


Luangphor's mission is to train instructors to help spread the theory and practice of meditation. His reason for this is analogous to the "ripple effect". "You teach ten. They teach ten and each of them teach ten. Soon, one thousand, one million."


The Willpower Institute's goal is to help people of all backgrounds learn how to meditate, develop and enhance their minds to improve their mental well-being.

With enough people practicing meditation and improving their mental health on a daily basis, the Master Teacher's ultimate goal of achieving world peace through meditation is certainly possible.